Solange Jungers

PhD in Art History from the Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne University in 2002, SJ finally moved towards the practice of visual arts around 2010.

Self-taught, she attended various drawing-painting workshops, learns bobbin lace from of a master and embroidery with her mother who was embroiderer of trousseaux in Spain. SJ has been exhibiting since 2012 in France, Spain and USA.

Since her very first texts in History of Art, SJ shows an interest in the vernacular creation, its typology, its poetry. She also writes self-fiction news. This concept covers all her works, as much in her texts, her craft creations as in her works of visual artist.

SJ is a very involved actress: Arte S'Arraco International (France-Espagne), Ateliers-Est (France), Arte S'Arracó (Spain), No-arte (Spain), Surface Design Association (USA)...

SJ's art

There is always something strangely disturbing to look at a picture of a foreign or anonymous family. The viewer is caught between voyeurism and the sensation of déjà-vu.

The nasty framing, the faded colors, the light, the stagings or on the contrary the catch on the spot: the typology of the family photo contains the elements of its dramatic poetry.


It becomes for me the ideal support for the exploration of the narrative dimension of figuration. Very sensitive to self-fiction and textual art, between art, literature and aesthetics, I produce series of paintings and textile arts, also analogical collages, mixing reproductions of family photos with poetic and dramatic legends inspired by photos. I do not know anything about the family context.

The title is often a short poem emphasizing the dramatic dimension of the reproduced photo, such as a still image of a polar. It also raises the question of the dialoque between artisanal virtuosity and conceptual art.


Main exhibitions

  • Double Exposition, Galerie Art et société, Paris, january, 23-31 2021

  • Together we are one, international call, SwissArt fair, Zurich, Swiss, august 2020

  • Estos dias, quarantine project, Tres por Cuatro Gallery, Madrid, Spain, may 2020

  • Un minuto, virtual exhibition, IntroArt Gallery, Palma, Spain, march 2020.

  • Beyound boundaries, Gallery Zone, Leiden, Nederland, 2-31 may, 2020 (postported 2021)

  • Artbox, Barcelona, Spain, 19th-22th march 2020 (postported march 2021)

  • 2°Certamen Arte por Habichuelas, Spain, dec. 2019

  • Beyond the surface, St Louis, USA, October 1-December 15, 2019

  • Art-Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France,18-19-20 October 2019

  • The Fibery Gallery, Paris, France, February 2019

  • Top picks on Artsper, since February 2019

  • Memory, solo exhibition, Canopy gallery, Paris, France, November-December 2017

  • Nits de l'Art, S'Arracò - Sant Vicent, Spain, 2015-2019

  • Open Studios, Le Pré Saint-Gervais, France, 2012-2018

  • Lands arts, Le Pré Saint Gervais, France, 2011-2018