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Solange Jungers

PhD in Art History from the Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne University in 2002, SJ finally moved towards the practice of visual arts around 2010.


She exhibits mainly in Spain and France, sometimes in the United States. Her various trainings in drawing-painting, embroidery, bobbin lace and photography have made SJ a protean artist, whose intellectual and plastic research questions memory, nostalgia and the expression of a time suspended.


If her first works were characterized by the appropriation of anonymous photos, her work currently operates a shift towards the practice of photography around the “feeling of time passing”, in photographs with strong grain, negatives voluntarily “dirty” and expired and veiled products.

"SJ uses photos of found families as a philosophical and artistic medium in the name of a reflection on the time of the work, in a reaffirmation of the artist through poetic and plastic appropriation. . [His] art is presented as a plastic equivalent of the literary autofiction that appeared in the 1970s. The works are based on particular craftsmanship (embroidery, bobbin lace), drawing and painting. Ready-made, arts and crafts, art and language ... SJ's work manipulates concepts in the name of a reconciliation of the intelligible and the sensible. »(The Fibery Gallery, Paris, 2019)

"Her work oscillates between literature and the visual arts to explore the aspect of narrative figuration.

Solange Jungers structures the memory by creating an illusion of permanence and stability - and also of authenticity - that seeks to remove objects stored in a storage room giving them visibility as a late demand that vindicates memory, truth and love for the past or lost. The protagonists of the remembered events are recovering their lives through art, in terms of continuity and legacy, which appear as a priority. Maybe in a few years she'll take me out of a storage drawer and bring one of his exhibits to life.

“Without a doubt, each person leaves behind a massless report of fragments, sufferings, years lived in a moment, incomplete and cold constructions, immensities embraced with a single glance and dead. But all these ruins have their charm. ”

Paul Valéry, Les Cahiers

(Antoni Truyols, 2021)


Main exhibitions

  • Many exhibitions at the Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, Paris, décembre 2022-janvier 2023

  • Nit de l'art, S'Arraco, Majorca, july 2022

  • Nature... morte ?, with Alain Genest, Galerie Art & Société, Paris, France, 20-30 mai 2022

  • Memoria del presente, collective exhibition, Andratx, Majorca, Spain, may 7-June 3 2022

  • 3000 milliards !, with Alain Genest, in the event Rencontres photographiques de Paris 10, nov 2021 

  • Silenci, Casal Can Garau, Sencelles, Majorca, Spain, ag 6- sept 5 2021

  • Double Exposition, Galerie Art et société, Paris, january, 23-31 2021

  • Together we are one, international call, SwissArt fair, Zurich, Swiss, august 2020

  • Estos dias, quarantine project, Tres por Cuatro Gallery, Madrid, Spain, may 2020

  • Un minuto, virtual exhibition, IntroArt Gallery, Palma, Spain, march 2020.

  • Beyound boundaries, Gallery Zone, Leiden, Nederland, 2-31 may, 2020 (postported 2021)

  • Artbox, Barcelona, Spain, 19th-22th march 2020 (postported march 2021)

  • 2°Certamen Arte por Habichuelas, Spain, dec. 2019

  • Beyond the surface, St Louis, USA, October 1-December 15, 2019

  • Art-Shopping Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France,18-19-20 October 2019

  • The Fibery Gallery, Paris, France, February 2019

  • Top picks on Artsper, since February 2019

  • Memory, solo exhibition, Canopy gallery, Paris, France, November-December 2017

  • Nits de l'Art, S'Arracò - Sant Vicent, Spain, 2015-2019

  • Open Studios, Le Pré Saint-Gervais, France, 2012-2018

  • Lands arts, Le Pré Saint Gervais, France, 2011-2018

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