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The landscape always refers for me to travel, real or interior. Granddaughter of the Mallorcan migration in the 20th century, descendant of German migrants during the war of 1870, the landscape is also this fascinating and terrifying land at the same time, carrying the hope of a new life or, at the very least , of a personal renewal.

The landscape is therefore always linked for me to movement. To cartography. The GPS does not carry within it the poetry that I read in the paper map printed by the IGN, gigantic, which one unfolds by pushing back everything that covers the common table. Then we fold up following the hollows and valleys that keep the memory of the pocket format. After the manipulations of the first trip, the folds get tired, the angles get chipped, some roads disappear in the fold too often marked with the flat of the hand.
In this "Ailleurs" series, it is to this poetry of the geographical map that the interventions carried out on the negatives at the time of printing refer: scratched, folded, torn on the edges... these photographs mix shooting with
travel. initiatory which allowed access to this view. As mise en abîme of photography as "trace".

It is not just the landscape that is given to be seen; that’s all the hope and the journey time to get there.

Analogical photos, maked on almost 2000, analog prints by SJ 2023

max A4

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